Relocation Welcome

Many of Tasmania’s most successful dairy farmers have relocated from other parts of Australia or have migrated from dairy producing countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands.

The dairy industry, community and government welcome and encourage dairy farmers to relocate to Tasmania, contributing to the growth and development of this important sector.

While there are no restrictions on Australian citizens (or permanent residents) or New Zealand citizens moving to Tasmania to operate a dairy farm, all other foreign citizens must satisfy Australian immigration requirements.

New Zealand citizens can live, work and operate a business in Australia without the need to secure a permanent or long-stay migration visa. All other foreign nationals must formally apply and be granted permission to migrate under a permanent or long-stay visa.

Farmers migrating from the United Kingdom and Europe will need to apply for an appropriate visa depending on their intentions and length of stay in Australia.

There are a range of migration pathways for dairy farmers including business migration, skilled migration and employer sponsored migration. The type of visa an individual should apply for depends on their background and reason for travelling to Australia. The application process for short stay visas is more streamlined - many people visiting briefly (for tourism or business) can apply for an electronic visa either through a travel agent or online.


The Federal Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) control all immigration to Australia. State governments are responsible for promoting migration to their regions to identify and sponsor individual migrants who will benefit their state. Applying to migrate can be a lengthy and complex process but if applicants understand the requirements in advance and how to fulfil them, the pathway to permanent residence is straightforward.

For further details visit the DIBP or the Tasmanian Department of State Growth websites: