Migrant Stories

Over the past ten years, Tasmania has attracted a number of innovative and progressive dairy farmers from around the world looking for increased opportunity and sustainable dairy options. Hear first hand from a number of international farmers who now call Tasmania home:

Matthew & Pippa Gunningham, Mawbanna (formerly UK)

Pursuing a dream of owning their own business, Matt & Pippa moved to Tasmania 15 years ago full of ambition. Hear their success story from initial management to ownership of three dairy farms and three joint ventures overseeing more than 4,000 dairy cows.

Peter & Jo Jones, Kayena (formerly UK)

Peter and Jo Jones are living their dairy dream after relocating to Tasmania to manage the Focus Farm ‘Limberlost’. Hear their insights regarding opportunities, lifestyle and why they consider dairy farming in Tasmania as a secure and sustainable future.

Ashley Ker, Smithton (formerly NZ)

Moving from New Zealand to pursue career opportunities in the Tasmanian dairy industry, Ashley initially entered the industry via a share-farming arrangement. Almost two decades later he has made his mark on the local scene milking 3,000 cows across four dairy farms including two conversions.

Jemma Lourie, 31, Roger River (formerly NZ)

Destined to make her own mark on the dairy industry, find out why Jemma switched nations and jumped at the career opportunities offered by Tasmania’s growing dairy industry.