Investment in Farm Sector

Investment opportunities in the farm sector in Tasmania include:

- Buying a current dairy farm, or;
- Converting a grazing or cropping farm to a dairy farm.

Recent investment by processors has been a vote of confidence in Tasmania as a long term producer of high quality, cost competitive milk. That investment has resulted in a significant inbalance between annual farm production of almost 890 million litres and installed processing capacity of 1150 million litres.

Guide for Investors

The following link is to a guide for investors on the Tasmanian dairy industry, put together by the Tasmanian State Government.

 PDF Guide for Investors

Attractive Place to Invest

Tasmania is an attractive place to invest in dairy farming due to:

  • stablished markets for selling Tasmanian dairy products and increasing demand from the world’s two largest growing dairy markets – China and India.
  • In an international context, excellent food safety and political stability.
  • Competitive dairy production systems – based on excellent pasture production and efficient management systems.
  • Tasmania has adequate natural resources to support the proposed growth of 350 million per annum, and beyond.
  • Climate modelling shows that Tasmania’s dairying regions will be positively impacted, in contrast to many other dairy regions.
  • Expanding irrigation infrastructure – the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments have committed significant funds to major irrigation expansion to provide cost competitive, high surety water.
  • Tasmania’s Clean green brand.
  • A history of innovation, investment and increasing scale has resulted in Tasmania achieving an average annual rate of growth of almost three per cent over the last decade. Today, growth in Tasmania’s dairy sector is currently the highest in Australia.