Legendairy Faces of Tasmania

Tasmania is regarded as the fastest growing dairy region in Australia, contributing more than $1 billion per annum to the local economy, with more than 3,000 jobs, a range of award-winning dairy products and some of nation’s most innovative and progressive dairy farmers.

From farm-hands through to contract milkers, farm managers and owners, this Legendairy and diverse group of forward-thinkers is changing the dairy landscape in Tasmania through their skills, experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial approach.

You can be Legendairy too!

Nick Dornauf, 28, Deloraine

Explore how technology is changing the face of dairy farming with third generation dairy farmer Nick overseeing and managing the first fully automated rotary dairy in Tasmania.

Matthew Cohen, West Scottsdale

Looking for job stability and a better future, Matthew made a bold move and packed up his family to take a chance on the Tasmanian dairy industry. He has never looked back as he relishes his new employment, career and lifestyle.

Geoff, Dannie & Aaron Kay, Nabageena

Family tradition runs strong in the Kay family with three generations of dairy farmers currently working on their north-west property. See how their dairy business has evolved over the years from technology to milking operations.

Erin Quarrell, 30, Woolnorth

Managing the third largest dairy farm at Woolnorth, Erin shares her passion and perspectives on career progression and ongoing skills development from her 10 years in the Tasmanian dairy industry.

Matthew & Pippa Gunningham, Mawbanna (formerly UK)

Pursuing a dream of owning their own business, Matt & Pippa moved to Tasmania 15 years ago full of ambition. Hear their success story from initial management to ownership of three dairy farms and three joint ventures overseeing more than 4,000 dairy cows.

Peter & Jo Jones, Kayena (formerly UK)

Peter and Jo Jones are living their dairy dream after relocating to Tasmania to manage the Focus Farm ‘Limberlost’. Hear their insights regarding opportunities, lifestyle and why they consider dairy farming in Tasmania as a secure and sustainable future.

Ashley Ker, Smithton (formerly NZ)

Moving from New Zealand to pursue career opportunities in the Tasmanian dairy industry, Ashley initially entered the industry via a share-farming arrangement. Almost two decades later he has made his mark on the local scene milking 3,000 cows across four dairy farms including two conversions.

Cameron & Simon Elphinstone, Flowerdale

Backed with a strong agricultural background, see how brothers Cameron and Simon have capitalised on the growth of the Tasmanian dairy industry converting their existing farm to a dairy operation employing an automated robotic system.

Jemma Lourie, 31, Roger River (formerly NZ)

Destined to make her own mark on the dairy industry, find out why Jemma switched nations and jumped at the career opportunities offered by Tasmania’s growing dairy industry.

Brian & Michele Lawrence, Meander

Gain an insight into the dairy conversion process with ‘Dairy Business of the Year’ winners Brian & Michele as they share their knowledge and perspectives of the Tasmanian dairy industry.

Adam Wickham, 33, Milabeena

Leaving school in Year 10 to pursue a career in dairy farming, learn more about Adam’s success in developing a dairy business and building equity from a young age.

Linda Pickford, 21, Gawler

A passion for animals and agriculture, Linda Pickford is a young and aspiring dairy farmer working locally and undertaking further studies to pursue her dream of future share-farming ownership.