Wide Range of Opportunities

There are wide-ranging career opportunities in the Tasmanian dairy industry and a number of ways in which to enter the industry. Farming opportunities include:

  • Farm employee
  • Contract Milker
  • Sharefarmer
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Owner
  • Equity Partner

A common career path in dairy farming has been from farm apprentice, to lower order sharefarmer, to higher order sharefarmer and then farm ownership. However, in recent times a number of very successful sharefarmers have chosen to remain as sharefarmers rather than purchase farms, thereby establishing share-farming as a career in itself rather than as a step to farm ownership.

For information on career pathways www.thepeopleindairy.org.au/stepping-stones

There are also a number of other opportunities in the wider dairy industry including the following:

  • Factory employment
  • Factory Field Officer
  • Veterinary Practice
  • Farm Management Consultant
  • Food Technologist
  • Herd Testing
  • Agronomic advice
  • Dairy Research

The Tasmanian dairy industry is currently seeking qualified and experienced dairy managers to assist in the growth and conversion of a number of dairy farms. For information on employment opportunities www.eme.org.au/ or contact DairyTas.

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