Tasmania: Land of dairy plenty

Tasmania, Australia is home to a thriving dairy industry, the nations fastest growing dairy sector.

The Facts:

In the last decade, milk production in Tasmania has grown over 43% and that's only part of the story...

  • Strong investment from milk processors has generated more demand for more milk over the next five years
  • As an export-focused dairy industry, ongoing government negotiations have boosted demand for Tasmanian dairy products.
  • Investment in irrigation infrastructure around the state has created opportunities to expand exisiting farms and start new dairy conversations.
  • Many farmers are investing in new farm infrastructure and adopting innovative practises and technologies such as robotic milking.
  • Our temperature reliable climate and pasture-based dairy system provides a lower cost base for the industry.
  • There has never been a better time to enter the Tasmanian dairy market

Key Advantages:

Key advantages for international dairy farmers contemplating Tasmania as a desirable destination and investment option are:

  • Ability to expand and grow your dairy operation;
  • Less red tape and bureaucracy than UK/Europe;
  • Affordable and cheaper land prices;
  • High returns on investment;
  • Low production costs;
  • Stable markets and conditions;
  • Favourable lifestyle and entertainment;

Significant opportunities currently exist to Buy a Dairy Farm, Share-farm or Manage a Dairy Farm in Tasmania

Farmer's Stories:

Jonothan Price
Executive Officer - DairyTas

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